Making the European Child Guarantee a Reality

Insights from testing the European Child Guarantee


In coordination with

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of European Union

Live Event:


This high-level event on 10 June will take stock of how the Child Guarantee pilot has progressed to date. It will provide an opportunity to share experiences and give concrete examples of good practices, models and services that are proving successful in supporting children in need and addressing child poverty and social exclusion.
The high-level event aims to
– Mobilise widespread political support and reinforce the momentum for the implementation of the European Child Guarantee in all Member States.
– Learn from the experience, insights and lessons learned from countries involved in the pilot project and share their experience and practises.
It will achieve these goals by:
– Sharing lessons learned and insights on the policy environment and governance mechanisms required to effectively lay the groundwork for implementation of the European Child Guarantee, while taking into account challenges like policy design, planning, programming, budgeting, governance, child participation, monitoring and evaluation.
– Sharing insights and experience on the models of services, which present compelling evidence that investing in children facing poverty is the most effective way of breaking the cycle disadvantage.
– Engaging additional Member States beyond the pilot countries around lessons learned, ideas for the future operationalisation of the European Child Guarantee in their countries and regions.
The high-level event is organised jointly by the UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.


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